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We Got Baby Chicks

We got 5 baby chicks last week. The boy named two of them Stars and Stripes. The girl named three of them Sunny, Rainy, and Lucy. Can you guess which one of them listens to me?

For some crazy reason, I didn't make the connection that baby chicks are babies. So twice a day I have to check their water and food feeders because they like to kick their bedding into the bowls. Urgh! The number one rule in my family is to not make more work for mommy. Apparently, I broke my own rule. Even though the kids “help,” I still have to supervise or they make a mess all over the garage.

But these chicks are hilarious. Even at their age, they are already puffing up their chest and facing off, trying to see who is alpha of the plastic tub. When I get back to my Lucy books, she's getting a chicken. Lol!

Thank you for supporting my art,

Anne R. Tan


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And to make matters worse, the security videos show both Raina and her fiancé interacting separately with the dead woman hours before her death. With no communication from her fiancé, Raina fears the worse—he is in hiding. But from whom? And how is he connected to the victim? With the help of the grandmas, can Raina find the killer and track down her fiancé?

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Here are the big check photos!

Remember the charity boxed I was in over the summer? The boxed set organizer, Judith Lucci, delivered the checks a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to you, my fabulous readers, we saved a lot of animals by working together.

Thank you for supporting me,


Jefferson Parish SPCA


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