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New Release: Sunny Mates and Murders

Sunny Mates and Murders

Sunny days ahead…but this amateur sleuth may get burned.

Graduate student Raina Sun thought being a fake fiancée would get her closer to her deceased grandfather’s journal, appease her grandma and help a friend. But instead she finds herself in the heart of the Nine Dragons Triad, a multi-generational criminal organization.

When a dead body lands in her lap, Raina must prove her fake fiancé’s innocence to see the journal again. She’ll have to summon all her sleuthing skills to find the conniving killer before she becomes the next victim.

Come on, blue skies are calling–get your copy of Sunny Mates and Murders today! Discounted to $2.99 during the first two weeks of the launch. Then the book will return to $4.99.



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Happy reading!

Anne R. Tan



New Series – What Should I Write?

I’m in the development stage of a new project. Trying to figure which book to write next. I hate this part in the process because I could pick my belly button lint for weeks before committing to a new book.
“The Unlucky Witch”
Donella Georgina Chan a.k.a. “Georgie” is an untrained witch who works in her uncle’s herbal shop in San Francisco. When her estranged mother compels Georgie to return to Enchanted Cove, the last thing she wants is to repair their broken relationship. When her mother gets arrested by Magical Accountability Council (MAC) agents for the murder of the local coven leader, Georgie reluctantly investigates to clear her mother’s name. Will she solve the murder in time to prevent her mother’s exile to the other side of the Veil or will she be the next victim on the hit list?
“Grave Sights”
Joley Mok is a lot of things. Half-demon, half-human, the gods’ enforcer—these roles remain constant in the many lives she’d lived. In this life time, she is a Feng Shui Master and private investigator in San Francisco’s Chinatown.
When a simple Qi ceremony goes awry and the corpse of the patriarch for an affluent Chinese family disappears, Joley must recover the body before local law enforcement come poking their noses into her business.
But when a warlock hell-bent on tearing the Veil and other demonic miscreants come calling, could Joley resist her natural urges for mayhem and destruction? Would the sexy FBI agent prove her un-doing or lead her back to humanity?
An excerpt for “Grave Sights” is in the back of “Sunny Mates and Murders.” This is more of an urban fantasy without the snarky and many of the light humor found in all my books. Romance is nothing heavier than a kiss (I’m writing my books knowing my daughter will probably pick them up in her early teens).
So what do you think readers? Which would you read?

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