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Welcome, readers! Anne R. Tan is a USA Today bestselling author. She writes the Raina Sun Mystery series, the Lucy Fong Mystery series, and the Cedar Woods Mystery series. Her humorous cozy mysteries feature Chinese-American amateur sleuths dealing with love, family, and life while solving murders. Her books feature diverse characters and relationships because everyone deserves to be an armchair detective.

A Note from Anne:

My books are my legacy to my children. Unfortunately, they would not grow up in the San Francisco Bay Area like I did. Without a cultural hub to keep the language and philosophies alive, our family would lose this part of our heritage in one generation. My children are visitors to this rich culture, just like my readers. At its core, I always felt Chinese culture is about family and community. I hope you’ll enjoy your time with Raina Sun, Lucy Fong, and their large dynamic family.

Thank you for supporting my art,
Anne R. Tan

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Favorite Reader's Review: 

I've read all 10 Raina Sun books this Easter weekend ... This is not dissimilar to Alexander Mccall Smith and his Mma Ramotswe/No 1 Detective Agency, for introducing the reader to a different culture ~ Broadwell/Kencot resident

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Airy Allies and Enemies

(Raina Sun Mystery #11)

A free honeymoon, an old ally, and a kidnapping.

Raina Sun is enjoying her belated honeymoon with her husband, far away from her nosy family. When her grandma shows up to help a friend on a kidnapping case, it's bye-bye smooching time. Her husband gets volunteered to do the ransom drop, and an old ally from the Nine Dragons Triad, a multi-generational criminal organization, barges in for a visit.

Things go from bad to worse when a body is found at the luau. Her husband is right. There's no such thing as a free honeymoon. Someone has to pay the piper one way or another. Will Raina find the devious killer, or will she become the next victim?

Don’t miss out on the fun. Grab your copy now.

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When Cedar Woods' elderly Aunt Coco falls and breaks her hip, Cedar returns to her unhappy childhood home in Fairhaven to care for her aunt. To complicate matters further, Aunt Coco believes that her new corgi is the reincarnation of her deceased husband and has invested her retirement savings in a tea shop. Is Aunt Coco simply old and senile, or is there more to her plan for getting Cedar back home? 

Tragedy strikes when a rival shop owner is found dead, and Aunt Coco becomes the prime suspect. Cedar must uncover buried secrets, clear her aunt's name, and prepare the tea shop for its grand opening. Easy peasy. Come join the Woods gang in this fast paced cozy mystery.

Arrest the Alibi

(Cedar Woods #1)

Don’t miss out on the fun. Grab your copy now.

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What readers are saying about the Raina Sun Mystery series

Ms Tan is my favorite author when it comes to cozy mysteries because her stories are so much fun! ~ Julie Blaskie

I really loved this book! The characters are relatable and it definitely captures the small town dynamic. ~ Shawn C. Morris

Think Murder She Wrote meets Stephanie Plum's bad luck for getting into trouble. ~ Shoshanah Lila

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