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Balmy Darlings and Deaths Available for Preorder

Raina4SmallThe first draft of Balmy Darlings and Deaths (BDD) was done a couple weeks ago, but instead of diving into the editing, I found myself daydreaming about Raina Sun #5. In other words, the monkeys upstairs are hard at work trying to scatter Easter Eggs into BDD for Raina Sun #5. Easter eggs are what we writers call the hints/clues we put into a series to foreshadow future books. There’s a big one in BDD.

I’m an epic fantasy reader at heart. I read cozy mysteries on and off for years, but became a serious reader of the genre when I had my daughter because I didn’t have the time for the full immersion that’s required to keep track of multiple plot lines, characters, and places in a fantasy. However, as a writer, I created a complex plot line involving Raina’s personal life that span multiple books. So keep an eye out for those Easter Eggs.

The ending of BDD came out of the left field for me. I certainly didn’t see it coming, but I have glimmers of a plot for Book 6 and Book 7. I’m so excited that I don’t even want to revise BDD and head straight to the next book. This would be unfair to my readers so I’m restraining myself…for now.

The preorder for BDD is up at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and Kobo. It will be automatically delivered to your ereader in June.

Happy reading!


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