Gusty Lovers and Cadavers (Raina Sun Mystery #2)

Gusty Lovers and Cadavers (Raina Sun Mystery #2)
Series: Raina Sun Mystery, Book 2
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Tag: Recommended Books
Publication Year: 2015
Length: Novel

Graduate student Raina Sun thought she knew what she was getting herself into when she volunteered to take the new foreign exchange student shopping on the last weekend before Christmas. But between a riot for the last hot toy, an abandoned baby, and a dead body, the holiday turns into a season for mayhem. She must summon her sleuthing skills to protect this baby and track down a hidden killer before she becomes the victim. There's no place for an amateur when it comes to murder...

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About the Book

Readers Reviews:

“Like an episode of the TV show Castle- if Castle was a spunky young Asian woman with curly hair.” ~ Pinkie's Mom

“I love to read about other cultures as well as places. This is a unique take on the ‘ who dunnit' . A fast read that keeps your attention!” ~Amazon Customer

From inside the book:

Raina's heart stopped at the thought of Aaron knocking over her seventy-five-year-old grandma. She opened her mouth and screamed. A blood curling sound that matched the infant's.

Po Po swung her purse and smacked it against Aaron's head. Pain spread across his face and he spun around. “What the fu–”

Raina staggered backward. Her gaze scanned the area, looking for a safe place to set the baby. She wedged the child in the space between the communal mailbox and the empty building. The mailbox should prevent anyone from accidentally stepping on him.

As Aaron advanced toward her, Po Po stepped back, clutching her purse.

His fingers curled into fists. “Listen, you old bat–“Po Po whipped out her pepper spray and blasted him.

Aaron jerked and covered his face with his hands. He screamed like a girly man.
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