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Hazy Grooms and Homicides (Raina Sun Mystery #8)

Hazy Grooms and Homicides (Raina Sun Mystery #8)
Series: Raina Sun Mystery, Book 8
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Tag: Recommended Books

Raina Sun arrives in Las Vegas to elope and ends up with a missing groom. With an overbooked hotel-casino and a rock and roll conference, Raina thought her fiancé was helping the hotel-casino with their security—until a strange woman searches Raina’s room and a dead woman is found in a laundry bag.

And to make matters worse, the security videos show both Raina and her fiancé interacting separately with the dead woman hours before her death. With no communication from her fiancé, Raina fears the worse—he is in hiding. But from whom? And how is he connected to the victim? With the help of the grandmas, can Raina find the killer and track down her fiancé?

Come join Raina, Po Po, and the rest of the gang in Sin City. It's Vegas, baby! Grab your copy of “Hazy Grooms and Homicides” today!

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About the Book

What Readers are Saying:

“Usually with series they lose something the more of them you read but that is not the case here! These just keep getting better and better!” ~ Sue Turkington

“These are mysteries but are so much fun to read you almost forget about all the wrong-doing that is going on.” ~ Peggy Nation

From Inside the Book:

Raina’s eyes popped open, but she didn’t dare move a muscle. Her gaze shifted around the hotel suite, looking for the source of the noise that woke her in the pre-dawn light. When she went to bed a few hours ago, she had locked the door but didn’t use the swing bar lock in case Matthew returned later. She took a deep breath but didn’t smell the clean water and sage body wash favored by her fiancé. Instead, there was a hint of gardenia and lilac in the air. A woman’s perfume. Was there a woman in the room? 

A bead of sweat trickled down the side of Raina’s forehead. Her tight muscles ached. Fight or flight? Warrior or possum? Who was this woman in her room? It was five in the morning. Much too early for housekeeping. And not late enough for burglary. This intruder must think the suite was empty, which meant this woman knew Matthew…or knew his whereabouts. 

Raina flipped off the covers and tiptoed to the dresser. She grabbed the pepper spray from her purse and tiptoed to the bedroom doorway. Taking a deep breath, she ran headlong toward the woman with her shoulder down as if ready to tackle her to the ground, screaming like a banshee. She could apologize later if the intruder turned out to be a friend. 

The intruder spun around and gasped, reaching for the doorknob. 

Raina stopped short at the terrified expression on Claire Boucher’s face. She stumbled on the carpet. What was the convention organizer doing in her room? 

Claire flung open the door and shot out of the room. 

Raina ran after her, pumping her arms and legs to keep up. Running on a treadmill in the hotel fitness room didn’t give her the same thrill as running on solid ground. And a chase really got her heart pumping. “Hey, Claire! Stop.” 

A door clicked open in front of her. Po Po popped her head out of the doorway. “Rainy? What are you—” 

Raina didn’t wait for her grandma to finish the question.  

The hallway was empty, so there was nothing to slow their race. Instead of heading for the elevators, Claire headed for the staircase. Raina hoped they were heading down rather than going up the staircase. Her lungs began to burn, and her legs ached. She ignored both sensations and clattered down the stairs after the woman. 

“Stop! I won’t hurt you,” Raina wheezed. At the moment she didn’t have the energy to swat a fly. 

Claire ignored her and kept running. She hopped down the last two steps and opened the door to the casino floor. For a middle-aged woman, she was in good shape. 

Raina’s foot crunched on something, and she stumbled in her stride. She grabbed the rail in time to stop from pitching headfirst down the stairs. She glanced down. It was one of Claire’s earrings.  

Half a heartbeat later, she flung open the door to the casino and ran out. The slot machines clanged even at this early hour. The lights were too bright, and several people were still gambling away. Raina spun around in a circle but couldn’t see the woman.  

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