Sunny Mates and Murders (Raina Sun Mystery #5)

Sunny Mates and Murders (Raina Sun Mystery #5)
Series: Raina Sun Mystery, Book 5
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Tag: Recommended Books

Sunny days ahead…but this amateur sleuth may get burned.

Graduate student Raina Sun thought being a fake fiancée would get her closer to her deceased grandfather's journal, appease her grandma and help a friend. But instead she finds herself in the heart of the Nine Dragons Triad, a multi-generational criminal organization.

When a dead body lands in her lap, Raina must prove her fake fiancé's innocence to see the journal again. She'll have to summon all her sleuthing skills to find the conniving killer before she becomes the next victim.

Come on, blue skies are calling--get your copy of Sunny Mates and Murders today!

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About the Book


I love this series and the chance to see glimpses of Chinese/American life. The characters are fun, wacky, dangerous – what more could you ask for?”  ~Loveday54

The plot is fast paced enough to keep the reader engaged, and her knowledge of the Chinese culture really makes for some interesting ‘color'.” ~ Debi Alexander

The story is very well told, the characters well-defined, and it is filled with some great information on Chinese-American culture.” ~”Detective” David Bibb


Sonny felt for a pulse on Jerry's neck. His brown eyes darkened, highlighting the silver scar on the side of his face. He glanced at Raina. “Did someone pay you to kill my brother?”

The blood rushed in Raina's ears, and she swayed. If Sonny, the Dai Lo of the Nine Dragons triad, turned on her, she was dead meat. She shook her head.

“I was texting my grandma…I heard a shuffle, and he fell on me, knocking my phone onto the floor.” She pointed at the pieces of her phone on the floor. “He made a gurgling sound…went limp…I don't know what happened.” Her breaths came out in short, noisy puffs. She refused to glance at Jerry's swollen face.

Sonny checked his brother's pockets and came up with a cell phone and wallet. He flipped through the wallet and put it back into Jerry's pocket. “Give me your purse.”

Raina clutched the tiny evening bag in front of her. “Can I go home now? I don't want to be involved in this.”

Sonny snatched the purse from her and tossed his brother's phone inside. He scooped up the pieces of her phone and also dumped it inside her handbag. He grabbed her hands, dragging her away from the intersection. “Too late, Rainy. Dinner is about to start. Let's go.”

Raina trotted alongside him, her heels clicking on the floor, and the silk dress fluttering against her legs. “What about Jerry?”

“We'll talk later, but we can't be seen with his body. Neither of us would survive the fallout.”

“But you're Dai Lo…”

“The other faction would love to use Jerry's death to get rid of me.”

Raina stumbled and would have fallen if Sonny hadn't caught her. As his fake fiancée, she was also caught in the middle of the criminal organization's power struggle. And all because she wanted to get her deceased grandfather's journal back. Why didn't she say no when Sonny suggested the faked engagement?

Footsteps headed towards them from the staircase.

Raina couldn't breathe. Oh, no…


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