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Bringing Chinese Culture a Little Closer

Each one of the Raina Sun Mystery series has Chinese themes. My readers love discovering tidbits of modern Chinese-American culture and philosophies only available to an insider. While this might not impress your friends, it might help if you ever on a game show to win a million bucks. You can be a living version of Slumdog Millionaires (great movie!).

Raining Men and Corpses- Gambling addiction is found in many Chinese families, including mine. However, it's a sanctioned past time because we even gamble during a funeral (Raina Sun #5).

Gusty Lovers and Cadavers- It's not uncommon for wealthy Chinese families to have duo citizenships, but have you wonder at how they acquired them?

And this is just in the first 2 books in the series. Come and join the fun. Raining Men and Corpsesis still free if you want to try out my writing.

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My books are my legacy to my children. Unfortunately, they won't grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area as I did. Without a cultural hub to keep the language and philosophies alive, our family will lose this part of our heritage in one generation. My children will be visitors to this rich culture just like my readers. I hope you'll enjoy your time with Raina Sun and her large dynamic family.

Thank you for supporting my art,
Anne R. Tan

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