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Drooling for a Kindle Voyage

Have you seen the ads for the new Amazon Kindle Voyage. Me want. The new feature that I want is the automatic brightness control (yes, lazy me). Maybe next year when the price goes down, I would be able afford the Kindle Voyage. 

I’ve bought a new Kindle every year since converting to ebooks about 4 years ago. I’m tough on my reading devices, usually taking it everywhere with me without a cover or a case. The first one, I stuffed into a glove compartment, and the things inside jammed against the screen, hence breaking my first Kindle. The second one, dropped out a suitcase and got ran over. I’m still doing pretty good with my Kindle Paperwhite so far (keeping toes crossed). I’m too heavily invested in Kindle books to switch over to another ereader.

But then, Kobo has an ereader for bathroom reading. OMG! That is the ultimate dream ereader. I love reading in the tub. And not having to worry about wet pages is a big bonus. 

What kind of features would you like to see in your favorite eReader?

Happy reading and thanks for visiting Anne R. Tan.

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