Release Date Change for "Bag the Body"

I am moving the release date for “Bag the Body” out to next year. I am busy living the good life after the pandemic and breast cancer. Pretty much any time I have to choose between writing or spending with people, I pick people. So, I am writing at snail speed, 1-2 pages a week!

I know many of you have told me how much you look forward to my next book and have preordered the book (but I’m sure you want me happy and healthy because this means I can write for several more decades).

For all the retailers, it’s no big deal to move the publication date. You don’t get charged until the book releases. However, for Amazon, they will cancel the preorder, and I will lose the ability to put up a future preorder.

If you preordered through my website, don’t worry, I just need to change the Book Funnel delivery date. Your preorder is still safe.

Once again, thank you for supporting my art,

Anne R. Tan

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