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Last Chance to Help with USA Today Run


Happy New Year!

Thanks if you already bought 25 Mysteries to Die For. There's a mistake in the collection. Raining Men and Corpses got inserted into the collection by mistake. It should be corrected by now (thank you reader Valerie C. for bringing this to my attention).

If you have already received the book, I believe you can download the updated file from the vendor (though I don't know how to do this myself). Or you can reply to this email with a screenshot of your purchase receipt, and I'll send you the download link for Breezy Friends and Bodies (the book that is supposed to be in this collection).

Thank you so much for your support.


If you didn't read my last newsletter, 25 Mysteries to Die For is my secret project with 25 other cozy mystery authors trying to hit the USA Today bestseller list this week. The collection is only $0.99. It is rare to find a collection this large in the cozy mystery genre.

We are about 2,000 copies short of hitting the list. Pick up your copy now to support  some awesome indie authors.

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