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My Favorite Theme in My Books

Someone asked me what are the themes in my stories. Besides the search for justice, which is a norm in cozy mysteries, it’s the female relationships in Raina’s life that I love exploring. I’m not sure if you’re keeping track, but these relationships include:

  • Raina and her grandma
  • Raina and her mom
  • Raina and her sister
  • Raina and her best friend
  • Raina and her niece

While the male/female relationships are interesting, it’s the female relationships that I’m trying to understand. First, Raina is not me. She’s younger, prettier, and richer. This has to be done for the same entertainment factor that we derived from watching beautiful people on TV and movies. However, her search for connections and friendships among other women are universal. I certainly feel this quest in my life at times. And as much as I love my husband, it’s the women, whether it’s family or friends, who make me like I’m part of a community.

Do you notice this theme in my books? Do you feel it’s applicable to your life?

Happy reading!


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