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New Release – “Just Shoot Me Dead”

It's here. It's finally here. And early readers are loving it.

Read Lucy's story now. 

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Book Blurb

While on a blind date with a doctor and his mama, Lucy gets a call that her estranged mom is found shot in the stomach in her private investigation office. She returns to Morro Cliff Village to search for answers and her sister...only to find a dead body in her sister's apartment. 

When the local police chief zeros in on her sister as a "person of interest," Lucy must brush up her sleuthing skills. It's a race to find her sister before the police...and the killer. She must use all her wits (and those she can borrow, though her grandma has a reputation for being a loose cannon) to find this hidden killer before he strikes at her family again.

Don't miss this fast-paced cozy mystery--get your copy of Just Shoot Me Dead today!

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