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New Release: Sunny Mates and Murders

Sunny Mates and Murders

Sunny days ahead…but this amateur sleuth may get burned.

Graduate student Raina Sun thought being a fake fiancée would get her closer to her deceased grandfather's journal, appease her grandma and help a friend. But instead she finds herself in the heart of the Nine Dragons Triad, a multi-generational criminal organization.

When a dead body lands in her lap, Raina must prove her fake fiancé's innocence to see the journal again. She'll have to summon all her sleuthing skills to find the conniving killer before she becomes the next victim.

Come on, blue skies are calling–get your copy of Sunny Mates and Murders today! Discounted to $2.99 during the first two weeks of the launch. Then the book will return to $4.99.



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Happy reading!

Anne R. Tan


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