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Raina Sun Complete Boxed Set (Books 1-11) (EBOOK)

Raina Sun Complete Boxed Set (Books 1-11) (EBOOK)

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Escape to hijinks and murders in this 11 book boxed set of the Raina Sun Mystery series. Binge read 2,700+ pages of this addictive series! Exclusive offer at my shop.

Join Raina Sun and her grandma as they track down a con man, a hit-and-run killer, and a mugger. Can Raina summon her sleuthing skills to find these murderers before she becomes the next victim?

Books in this set:

1. Raining Men and Corpses

2. Gusty Lovers and Cadavers

3. Breezy Bodies and Friends

4. Balmy Darlings and Deaths

5. Sunny Mates and Murders

6. Murky Passions and Scandals

7. Smoldering Flames and Secrets

8. Hazy Grooms and Homicides

9. Chilly Comforts and Disasters

10. Fair Cronies and Felonies

11. Airy Allies and Enemies

Catch up with Raina Sun and her senior helpers from the Posse Club. You'll love the community and deep friendships in this series. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Raina Sun- one of my favorite series!

I became a fan after reading my 1st Raina Sun book 7 years ago. Anne Tan is one of my favorite authors, and I love her books. I always pre-order her books as soon as I find out she has a new release upcoming.

These are actual mysteries, not fluffy romances disguised as a mystery.There is some romance in the stories that is not the over-the-top predictably sappy type, but a natural relationship struggling to survive.

Each book is a stand alone mystery, but reading them in order allows you to understand all of the main characters and their relationships. There are three main characters; Raina, a young Chinese American woman who becomes involved in some mysteries in the first few books as an Armature detective then decides to become a private investigator. Her grandmother PoPo, the Chinese name for maternal grandmother, moves to Gold Springs where Raina is a graduate student in the first book. Their combined antics are laugh-out-loud funny. Matthew is a police detective, and it is revealed in the first book his marriage to Raina when they were young had been annulled, but he is always involved in whatever Raina is investigating. Their relationship continues to grow throughoutthe series. There are several other recurring characters, and they all seem like friends from having read all of the books in the series.

Ms. Tan has written an intriguing series with intricate plots and genuine, well developed characters. There are many interesting insights into Chinese culture that are seamlessly woven into the narrative. These cozy mysteries keep the reader engaged, not wanting to put the book down through all the twists in the plot until the surprising conclusion. I highly recommend them to all cozy mystery fans.

Virginia Healy
Raina-ing on Murder

Delving into another culture is always interesting. Raina Sun and her grandmother team up to solve murders. Raina grows more confident during the series, but she can't control her grandmother who has a mind of her own and adds a lot of fun and laughs. Highly recommend binge reading this series.

Kathryn Ashe
One of my very favorite series

I’ve loved this series from the release of the first title. I’ve preordered the first day available for every new book in the series. so I can’t delay starting to read. Full disclosure, I have been fortunate to receive ARCs, but still have paid with advanced ordering for all anyway, because I just feel that’s fair.

The characters are people one would love to meet and spent time with in the real world. The stories always keep you moving alone, with great plotting and story telling.

This collected set is such a good value, readers should take advantage of it.

Debi Paglia
Such a good series!

One of my favorite series! The main characters are people that you would like to know. The settings are nicely described and give you a feeling of being there. the mysteries are entertaining and I can never guess who the “bad guy” is! They are fast-paced and keep your attention. Ms. Tan has such a good sense of humor and adds it with great success! I’d recommend these books to everyone!

Deb carr
My favorite cozy sleuth for 2023!

I love all of the cozy mysteries from the book club, and have several very favorite authors. Raina Sun is my most recent read, and I love her. I can identify with her curly hair and knack for getting into trouble.. I also love the closeness of the Chinese family unit. The grandmother, affectionately called popo, is also very entertaining. Thank you to Anne R. Tan for writing such amusing mysteries. So far they have kept me guessing till the very end! I have finished volumes one and two, and cannot wait to get into volume three and the rest of the series. Reading about Raina keeps me out of trouble!