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Raina Sun Complete Boxed Set (Books 1-11) (EBOOK)

Raina Sun Complete Boxed Set (Books 1-11) (EBOOK)

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Escape to hijinks and murders in this 11 book boxed set of the Raina Sun Mystery series. Binge read 2,700+ pages of this addictive series! Exclusive complete bundle on my website at a 25% discount.

Join Raina Sun and her grandma as they track down a con man, a hit-and-run killer, and a mugger. Can Raina summon her sleuthing skills to find these murderers before she becomes the next victim?

Books in this set:

1. Raining Men and Corpses 

2. Gusty Lovers and Cadavers 

3. Breezy Bodies and Friends

4. Balmy Darlings and Deaths 

5. Sunny Mates and Murders 

6. Murky Passions and Scandals

7. Smoldering Flames and Secrets

8. Hazy Grooms and Homicides

9. Chilly Comforts and Disasters

10. Fair Cronies and Felonies

11. Airy Allies and Enemies

Catch up with Raina Sun and her senior super sleuths from the senior center. You'll love the small town community, heartwarming family, endearing characters, and an intriguing whodunit in each book. 


"Anne Tan has the same ability Agatha Christie has of defining characters so the reader can easily remember each one. " ~ LS

"I find this series as humorous as Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum. The senior characters portray true friendship and cleverness, a refreshing change from the often silly portrayal in some books. " ~ Nicki Mech

"A cleaner "Stephanie Plum" meets "Murder She Wrote" series with a Chinese heroine" ~ Shoshanah Reads

"Like an episode of the TV show Castle- if Castle was a spunky young Asian woman with curly hair." ~ Pinkie's Mom

"Like a twist of 007/ Mr Bean/ Sherlock Holmes/Murder She Wrote/ Matlock. Crazy and oh so fun." ~ Camilla Cruz

"This is not dissimilar to Alexander Mccall Smith and his Mma Ramotswe/No 1 Detective Agency, for introducing the reader to a different culture." ~ Broadwell/Kencot resident


Raina ground her teeth and ran after her grandma. She held her breath, expecting the curtain to open and the occupants to catch them skulking. The chirping crickets competed with her pounding heart as the muscles on her shoulders tensed. The house next door was dark. 

As she crept toward the window on the side of the house, her gaze scanned the yard for cover. There! Next to the trash and recycle bins was a small shed set back from the house. She touched her grandma's shoulder and pointed at the shed. “Hiding place,” she whispered.

Po Po nodded. Raina pressed her ear next to the opened window.

From inside the house, ice clicked against a glass.

“Want one?” Olivia’s question came out in a slow slur. “I hate to drink alone, but that seems to be what I’ve been doing a lot lately.”

“Sure,” Sol said. 

Raina couldn’t believe she morphed from an amateur detective to a peeping Tom in less than half an hour. 

The voices were low inside the house. If not for the mismatched duo, it might have been considered intimate. Good thing the street was quiet. Glass clinked against glass. Someone sighed.

Raina rubbed her nose. Her allergy medication was no match for the fresh cut grass. She pulled a tissue from the pocket of her shorts and blotted her nose. Would they please get on with it?

Po Po rose to her feet and peered in the crack between the window and curtain.

“I need your help,” Sol said.

Olivia laughed. A low cackle that sounded more witch-like than it should. “Why should I help you?”

The fine hair on the back of Raina’s neck stiffened. She blotted her nose again and peeked into the house.

Sol leaned one hip against the kitchen island, one hand swirling the dark amber liquid in a glass tumbler. If he had been more suave, the move would appear less calculated. As it was, the liquid sloshed high up against the glass. Olivia sat opposite on a bar stool, her back to the window. The pendant lights above the kitchen island left the rest of the room in shadows.

Sol smirked. “Because by helping me, you’ll help yourself.”

Olivia grunted, tossed back her drink, and slammed the glass on the granite counter top. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“Natalie owes me.”

Olivia jerked, knocking her glass off the counter. The glass smashed against the tiled floor and shattered. Sol leapt back, surprisingly quick for a man his size.

Raina’s nose twitched again, and she sneezed. The tissue shot from her hands and landed somewhere in the darkened yard. She held her breath as her mouth went dry.

“Damn raccoon! I swear this is the last time he comes into my yard,” Olivia said.

“Sounds more like a person,” Sol said.

A cabinet banged open and several items clattered to the floor.

“What the—” Sol’s voice came out in a squeak. “Put that gun away!”

Raina grabbed Po Po’s arm and pushed her toward the shed. Her heart slammed against her chest, but she kept a step behind her grandma even though she wanted to sprint ahead. The once soothing cricket chirps became a countdown to D-day. The weak moonlight became a spotlight.

Po Po tripped over a tree root and fell with a thud. Raina couldn’t stop in time and crashed on top of her grandma. Her butt landed on something squishy and a flash of pain went up her spine. She gritted her teeth and stood.

The light flicked on by the back door.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Beatrice Pardue
Raina Sun mysteries

Her grandmother is hysterical! Love Sunny, we ish see he existed and we were friends. Popo(?) is in far better shape than I am at 72, if only I had her energy. Love the series mm


I have read every book and enjoyed every page. The Asian culture mixed in with the mystery is heartwarming. When I finished the series I was sad cause the joy, hilarity, mystery, culture nurtured me. I always laughed & smiled. Thanks for the fantastic reads

Raina Sun- one of my favorite series!

I became a fan after reading my 1st Raina Sun book 7 years ago. Anne Tan is one of my favorite authors, and I love her books. I always pre-order her books as soon as I find out she has a new release upcoming.

These are actual mysteries, not fluffy romances disguised as a mystery.There is some romance in the stories that is not the over-the-top predictably sappy type, but a natural relationship struggling to survive.

Each book is a stand alone mystery, but reading them in order allows you to understand all of the main characters and their relationships. There are three main characters; Raina, a young Chinese American woman who becomes involved in some mysteries in the first few books as an Armature detective then decides to become a private investigator. Her grandmother PoPo, the Chinese name for maternal grandmother, moves to Gold Springs where Raina is a graduate student in the first book. Their combined antics are laugh-out-loud funny. Matthew is a police detective, and it is revealed in the first book his marriage to Raina when they were young had been annulled, but he is always involved in whatever Raina is investigating. Their relationship continues to grow throughoutthe series. There are several other recurring characters, and they all seem like friends from having read all of the books in the series.

Ms. Tan has written an intriguing series with intricate plots and genuine, well developed characters. There are many interesting insights into Chinese culture that are seamlessly woven into the narrative. These cozy mysteries keep the reader engaged, not wanting to put the book down through all the twists in the plot until the surprising conclusion. I highly recommend them to all cozy mystery fans.

Virginia Healy
Raina-ing on Murder

Delving into another culture is always interesting. Raina Sun and her grandmother team up to solve murders. Raina grows more confident during the series, but she can't control her grandmother who has a mind of her own and adds a lot of fun and laughs. Highly recommend binge reading this series.

One of my very favorite series

I’ve loved this series from the release of the first title. I’ve preordered the first day available for every new book in the series. so I can’t delay starting to read. Full disclosure, I have been fortunate to receive ARCs, but still have paid with advanced ordering for all anyway, because I just feel that’s fair.

The characters are people one would love to meet and spent time with in the real world. The stories always keep you moving alone, with great plotting and story telling.

This collected set is such a good value, readers should take advantage of it.