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Raining Men and Corpses is Now Available

Raining Men and Corpses is now available for purchase at Amazon.

Raining Men and Corpses

A humorous murder mystery

Two years of writing and revising finally gave birth to my debut novel. I'm mighty proud of this achievement, but I could have a new parent's bias where I see my ugly baby through rose colored lenses. But you can always check it out for yourself by reading an excerpt.

I always assumed I would write fiction in my dotage as a hobby since it’s so difficult to make a living as a author. But this all changed the summer of 2012 when my daughter turned one year old and I finally broke through the new parent fog. As I cradled her tiny body in my hands and told her I will do the best I can to help her achieve her dreams, I realized I’m a horrible role model. Instead of trying to pursue my dream of writing a book, I’m putting it on hold because I have a mortgage, car payments, and a baby to support.

And that moment was the beginning of my writing journey. Would I ever be able to support my family with my fiction? Who knows. Probably not. But at least my daughter can see that I'm actively pursuing a dream.

As an indie author, I hope my stories would provide many hours of entertainment to my readers and someday to my daughter. Thank you for your support.

Happy reading and thanks for visiting Anne R. Tan.

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