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Readers Have Voted, Here’s My Next Release

Thank you for helping me pick a name for the upcoming Lucy Fong book. A few brave readers tried coming up with titles of their own. These are my favorites:

  • Shoot Mama, Dead Meat
  • Who Shot Mama?
  • Shoot Mom, Don't Just Stand There
  • Shoot 'Em & Leave 'Em
  • Murder Most Bowel
  • Doomed Dates and Dead Bodies
  • Blind Dates, Mamas, and Dead Bodies
  • What’s Up. Doc?

Without further ado, the winning title is:  

Preorder Now!

It is available for preorder. I can’t wait. Po Po is the “Murder Investigation Expert” in this book. Let’s just say her protégé is in for a ride. Lol!

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Thank you for supporting my art,

Anne R. Tan

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