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“Sunny Mates and Murders” (Raina Sun Mystery #5) $0.99 Sale


Just a quick note to let you know "Sunny Mates and Murders" (Raina Sun Mystery) is on sale for $0.99 (normally $3.99). The last time this book was on sale was probably 2017.

"Sunny Mates" is one of my favorite books to write. This installment is a turning point in Raina's life. We find out why her grandfather has a second family. And she accepts a proposal but loses her eyebrows.

Grab it for $0.99!



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You can also purchase the book from my Payhip store, which will give me a higher royalty than at the retailers. Once purchased, you will also get a Book Funnel download link to help get the file to your device. Thank you for your support!


Sale ends 2/2/20.

Sunny Mates and Murders
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