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Sunny Mates Cover Reveal

I probably should wait another month or two when I'm further along the book to do the cover reveal (although my newsletter subscribers have already seen this), but I'm too excited to keep this under wrap much longer. Here it is, ladies and gents, the cover for Sunny Mates and Murders:



What a beauty. Makes me wish I can write faster. Sunny Mates and Murders should hit the shelves at the beginning of 2017 (depending on when my editors can fit me in their schedule over the holidays).

You can preorder your copy now at:

Barnes and Noble



Due to requirements at the other retailers, I can't set up those preorders until later. Thank you fans for preordering my books. They are definitely the prod that keeps me going.

I better get going. The siren call of Po Po in an 80's style ball gown doing her Charlie's Angel thing with a rapier tucked in a garter belt is calling to me. If I don't check on her, she might end up poking herself in the eye.

In the meantime, if you're looking for some free reads, check out these free 20 mystery books.

Thank you for being a reader!



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