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Thank you, readers!

It’s satisfying to see strangers purchasing my debut novel because I’ve been told my entire life that I’m not a writer. My grammar sucks because English is my second language. And being Chinese, I told to focus on my technical skills, which I did. But this didn’t stop the daydreams or the movies inside my head.

Then I discovered writers rarely go from draft to publish without a team of helpers like beta-readers, editors, and proofreaders. Once I realized there would be other people to catch my typos, fix the flow of my sentences, etc. I went full speed ahead with learning how to put together a novel with the kind of discipline I reserved for my engineering courses.

I’m still a student in the craft of novel writing, but I’m definitely not a wide-eyed freshman anymore. Thank you, my readers for giving me the confidence to continue on this journey. If Raining Men and Corpses had just sat without selling a copy, that would prove all the naysayers right. But I’ve sold over 100 copies since I hit the publish button. By the end of the month, hopefully, I would re-coup my minimal expenses for editing and the cover art. This is all the validation I needed. Now I can’t get the writing bug out of my butt. Things are going to get interesting from here on out.

Happy reading and thanks for visiting Anne R. Tan.

P.S. Since hitting the publish button on KDP, I’ve been checking the sales dashboard several times a day. It’s addicting even if the numbers are not spectacular. It’s taking what little time I have away from my writing. I’m sure all new authors go through the same thing. Any advice on how to stop?

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