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The Postman Always Rings Twice Book Review

The Postman Rings TwiceThis post is a book review on The Postman Always Rings Twice by James M. Cain.

Book Description from Amazon.com

Frank Chambers, a drifter, is dropped from the back of a truck at a rundown rural diner. When he spots Cora, the owner's wife, he instantly decides to stay. The sexy young woman, married to Nick, a violent and thuggish boor, is equally attracted to the younger man and sees him as her way out of her hopeless, boring life. They begin a clandestine affair and plot to kill Nick, beginning their own journey toward destruction.

My Review of The Postman:

I thought this would be a murder mystery. There was a murder alright, but there was no mystery on who did it or why.

However, this is still one of the better books I read this year. It reminded me a lot of Crime and Punishment. It dealt with the aftermath of the murder and how it tainted the main character’s relationship with his lover. For a moment, I thought there would be a new beginning (and I would be slightly disappointed if that was the case). It had a surprising ending, but like a good mystery book, the murder gets it just deserts.

Book Recommendation

This is a quick read. By today’s standards, the book would be considered a novella. I would recommend The Postman Always Rings Twice to other readers. I would rate this 4.5 / 5 stars.

At no point was there a postman in the story. Maybe it had to do with opportunity knocking twice or murdering twice. If you read the book, what do you think?

Until the next killing hour and thanks for stopping by Anne R. Tan.

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