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What’s Next for Raina Sun?

I am done! No more attempts at USA Today. <– okay, fine. They didn't want me. Or in the words of my 3-year-old, “Anne sad.” Queue jutting lips and puppy eyes. Enough of this. Back to focusing on writing more books.

Will there be more Raina and Po Po stories?

Some readers are concerned I'm no longer writing another Raina Sun Mystery. I have clear cut-off points in the story arcs if I see a drop-off in sales. This is a business decision I made so I can continue to grow my writing career instead of beating a dead horse. Luckily, my readers seem to love Raina and Po Po as much as I do, so there will be a Raina Sun #6 and #7.

Books 1-5 completed the grandfather secret family story arc. Books 6-7 will finish another mini arc. I have enough ideas to get the Raina Sun Mystery series to 12 books. Whether or not I write the later books depends on readers interest.

I need more!

What took you weeks to read, took me 6 years to write. I’m craving something crunchy at this point (hopefully, this doesn’t give me a broken tooth). Based on the minimal feedback I’ve gotten in the Joley Mok Paranormal Mystery/Urban Fantasy, this story idea is a no-go.

Next month I'll send my newsletter subscriber another concept for a new mystery series, and they'll tell me which way to go. Basically, I had one story premise–woman returns home after a long self-imposed exile to save her estranged mother. I have two opening chapters that change the entire flavor of the story. If you want to read both rough drafts and vote on my next series, sign up to be part of The Posse Club (aka. my newsletter).

Thanks for supporting my art,

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