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Welcome, readers! Anne R. Tan is a USA Today bestselling author. She writes the Raina Sun Mystery series and the Lucy Fong Mystery series. Her humorous cozy mysteries feature Chinese-American amateur sleuths dealing with love, family, and life while solving murders.

A Note from Anne:

My books are my legacy to my children. Unfortunately, they won't grow up in the San Francisco Bay Area as I did. Without a cultural hub to keep the language and philosophies alive, our family will lose this part of our heritage in one generation. My children will be visitors to this rich culture just like my readers. I hope you'll enjoy your time with Raina Sun and her large dynamic family.

Thank you for supporting my art,
Anne R. Tan

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New Release!

Hazy Grooms and Homicides

(Raina Sun Mystery #8)

Raina Sun arrives in Las Vegas to elope and ends up with a missing groom. With an overbooked hotel and a rock and roll conference, Raina thought her fiancé was helping the hotel-casino with their security—until a strange woman searches Raina’s room and a dead woman is found in a laundry bag. Can Raina solve this murder, find her fiancé, and get married? Or will she become the next victim?


"All of Ms. Tan’s characters have very different personalities and I love all of them. If you like a good mystery, mixed with laughter, love and a lot of high jinks, then you’d better get this one." ~ Debi Paglia

"Love this series! Usually with series they lose something the more of them you read but that is not the case here! These just keep getting better and better!" ~ Sue Turkington

Coming Soon

Chilly Comforts and Disasters

(Raina Sun Mystery #9)

Available Nov 22, 2019

Raina Sun is newly married and enjoying her role as the police station’s unofficial pastry chef. When her husband bought a dilapidated old house on a steal, they are thrown into a whirlwind of construction activities with well-meaning relatives coming into town, permitting issues, and a dead body behind the drywall of the living room.

With all construction activities at a standstill and her husband working overtime to help with the cash flow, Raina must solve this cold case to get her life back on track. With the help of the geriatric Posse Club, will Raina find this hidden killer after all this time or will she become the next victim?

Lucy Fong and Raspberry are back!

Just A Lucky Break-In

(Lucy Fong Mystery #2)

Available April 2020

A dead body. A missing coma patient. And a crazy chicken. Will the murderer be caught before someone else ends up dead?

Lucy Fong is keeping the family private investigation firm afloat while her estranged mother is in a coma. When she stumbles onto a dead body in the shop next door, Lucy is once again drawn into another murder investigation.

Who is the dead man, and why does he have a crazy chicken in his knapsack? How did he get inside the secured building owned by Lucy’s family? And to add to her worries, her mother—along with the hospital bed—goes missing.

Can Lucy find the murderer and her mother before danger catches up with her? Join Lucy and her friends in this fast-paced cozy mystery.

What readers are saying about the Raina Sun Mystery series

Ms Tan is my favorite author when it comes to cozy mysteries because her stories are so much fun! ~ Julie Blaskie

I was laughing out loud at this mystery that reminded me of Stephanie Plum & her grandmother. ~ Nicki Mech

I really loved this book! The characters are relatable and it definitely captures the small town dynamic. ~ Shawn C. Morris

Think Murder She Wrote meets Stephanie Plum's bad luck for getting into trouble. ~ Shoshanah Lila