Official Bio

Anne R. Tan is a USA Today bestselling author. She writes the Raina Sun Mystery series, the Lucy Fong Mystery series, and the Cedar Woods Mystery series. Her humorous cozy mysteries feature Chinese-American amateur sleuths dealing with love, family, and life while solving murders. Her books feature diverse characters and relationships because everyone deserves to be an armchair detective.



  1. I can't resist ice cream.
  2. I started my first book a month after I had my first baby.
  3. And now that she's eleven, I brainstorm story ideas with my girl.
  4. Instead of reading to my children, I make up stories round-robin style with my children at bedtime.
  5. I secretly want to grow up to be Po Po, the Chinese grandma character in my books.


Unofficial Bio

Anne R. Tan fell in love with storytelling in elementary school but got a "real job" as a paper pusher and moonlights as a writer to keep the voices inside her head under control.

She is a breast cancer thriver with a broken green thumb. As the sous chef in her family, if a recipe is complicated, then it ain't happening. She is married to her version of Bob Vila who believes everything needs to be fixed, even if it's already working. Even her flock of 20+ chickens are crazy. The koi fishes in her pond are the only sane members of her household.

Her humorous cozy mysteries feature Raina Sun, Lucy Fong, and Cedar Woods--Chinese-American amateur sleuths--dealing with love, family betrayal, and finding their place in the world while solving murders.

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