Do you have access to my credit credit information?

Shopify is the payment processor. We do not have access to your credit card information.


I didn't receive my ebook/audio book. Can you help me?

All questions concerning delivery of digital products must be directed to Book Funnel support. Book Funnel delivers the digital files and provides the technical support to load the file(s) to your device. You can load the file(s) into your device or use the Book Funnel app for reading or listening.

If you did not receive your download, please check your Spam folder and then contact Book Funnel Support if you have not received an email with your digital product. 

Why is shipping for merchandise so expensive?

Merchandise is produced by multiple vendors on a print-on-demand basis. Because of this, orders for the products are received individually at the production company. Shipping is assigned by product and not by the order. Unfortunately, we have no control over these charges as they are provided from the vendor and passed on at checkout.

Why is the store only visible to customers living in the United States?

Due to the complexity and constant shifting of tax laws, the shop is limited to the USA at this time. Books in all formats can be purchased from the retailers (Amazon, Apple, BN, Kobo, Google, etc.). e-Books and audiobooks are also available direct from Anne's PayHip store for international readers.