Cozy Mystery Book Club Interview

Hi. Anne R. Tan here. How are you doing?

My husband makes fun of my wandering eye a lot (no, it has nothing to do with ogling other men). I always thought he was making it up…until now.

In the interview for the Cozy Mystery Book Club, my eyes are all over the place. So if you watch the video, let’s play a game. You get to take a shot (or sip of tea) each time my eyes roll up. Is anybody a body language expert? Please let me know why my eyes are all over the place. Or if you have a theory, hit reply. I will share the most outrageous reply in my next newsletter. 😅

Also, I might have spilled the beans about my upcoming project. Yeah, my kids hate this aspect of my personality. When I get excited, I just word vomit and secrets come out. Enjoy the interview!

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