Fan Mail: Baby in Restroom

I love getting fan mail. Reader Molly wrote in after reading “Gusty Lovers and Cadavers:”

Mom and I had a good laugh about the baby outside the bathroom.  Not his loss, but the confusion.

Growing up in central California with dark hair, dark almond shaped eyes, and a father and grandfather her were fluent in Chinese, Japanese and Korean, we had our fair share of fun adventures, and a memorable encounter outside the Ladies bathroom at Sears when a Latina woman handed me a baby and mumbled something in Spanish about a young boy and left.

When the mother arrived to claim them, I had no idea what was going on, and the Chinese Aunties and Grandmas had me surrounded in a protective circle.  Still holding baby.  A near cross cultural smack down.  A small boy explained that the arriving woman meant no harm, and charmed the ruffled Grandmas and Aunties, my mother arrived and pointed out that I just didn't understand the rapid fire Spanish, and meant no harm to the child and no embarrassment to the Aunties and Grandmas, who still gave me their usual hugs and candies when we saw them next.

Otherwise known as the Incident at Age 7, after which I expanded my Spanish vocabulary to include Mother Bathroom Baby and No.  Thanks for reminding us of our connection to friends and neighbors, who have passed on many years ago now.

Anyone else with a story similar to this?

Thanks for supporting my art,

Anne R. Tan

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